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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

French League: Game 3 photo: Hervé Paraut

Already 2 days of championship took place for the pro A & B, tonight begins the third.

Men Division A:

Chartres, Hennebont, Romagna and Cergy-Pontoise to the rest of the group.
Then that St. Louis, Angers? and Issy les Moulineaux are the red lanterns of this division for the time being.

Tonight, the meetings oppose:
Hennebont - Bayard Argentan
Chartres - St Maur
Istres - Angers
Romagna - Cergy Pontoise
St. Louis - Issy Les Moulineaux

Women Division A:

While the Metz team had narrowly managed to keep last year, here it is first in the group with Lille!
Surprise also for St-Quentin, who recruited this summer the Singaporean world number 30 and the English number 117, were therefore expected to a superb start to the season against Miramas and Metz, and not: conceded defeats 2 4-2.

Meetings this evening will display:
Kremlin Bicetre - Maramas
St Loup / Saint Berthevin - Metz
St Quentin - Lille
Poitiers - Grand Quevilly

Men Division B:

Surely the band more homogeneous in gentlemen at the moment, with the top four to equal a win and a match nul.
Only two teams have a little trouble for now, Metz and St Denis have stranded on the first two days.

The day this evening, major, announced these meetings:
St Denis - Caen
Villeneuve - Rouen
Fontenay - Morez
Bruille - Grand Quevilly

Women Division B:

Chicken also very homogeneous with only 4 points separating the first of the last.
Joué-les - Tours, last of pro A last year will try to go up this year.

Here is the sheet of the meetings:
St Denis - Echirolles
Étival - Mulhouse
Joué-les - Tours - Serris
Quimper - Mulhouse
Elancourt - Beauchamp

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