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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Interview with Wing Nam Ng

Wing Nam Ng is a talented player from the women national team of Hong-Kong, at the recent World Championship, she have reached the round 3 ! World number 79, she's younger and an hopefuls for his country !

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1. Where and when did you start playing Table Tennis?
At Hong-Kong, when I was 9 years old.

2. Who or what influenced you in playing Table Tennis?
My mother, she is a table tennis coach. But she didn't want me to family, that is very hard.

3. What was your 1st club? What was your evolve with?
hum... I hadn't club.

4. Who are you training with daily?
In my childhood, I was playing with my mother she is my first coach. And I was playing training team in Hong-Kong ?HKTTS Association to conduct?I was step on step, once?I got no.5 in the HK Local Open and HK team coach lead me in Hong-Kong team training !

5. What blade/rubber combination are you using?
My forehand is Xiom Pro and backhand is butterfly Tenergy 05.

6. What is your play style?
I think I'm an active player ...hahah

7. In the first round of WTTC in single, you have played and won an Indian player, Madhurika Patkar, is this so important for you and your mind for the future match?
Yes, I remember I visited Indian player two years ago?but not this player. Indian player is different?there are passionate so they will have more suprised. Last time, I was playing very hard but now I matured I have more experience, decisively by myself.

8. How were you before the match against Margarita Pesotska?
I had faith bez, I won her last time, this time I didnt watched videos, that not represent I must win, this time I just want to play the new Ng Wing Nam.

9. You could even have won. 4-3 for Ukranian... What do you think about this result?
I'm eager to play with China, that was a valuable experience?if I can play with China player. Their skill are the no.1 in the world.

10. A great performance in double, you and your teamsmate have won Elizabeta Samara & Daniela Dodean, a big pair in Europe ! And the next day, you lost against Ding Ning & Liu Shiwen. What did you think of your ride?
I think we can do more best. We won Elizabeta and Daniela?that were our double experiencethis time? won this match prove our confidence we lead them three set and lost three set?normally?some people think we may not win. But we didn't think more things in the last game?just forcus and enjoy the game we do our best only. And lost china we are learn from them.

11. What is the most memorable event of your career?
That's was the Asian championship in Macau in 2012

12. At what age did you start the national and international competitions?
I start the national compétitions at 12 years old, and international at 15.

13. Who is your favorite player?
It's Ma Long.

14. What is your next big goal at Table Tennis?
I would like to prepare Asian Championships & Asian Games.

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