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Friday, 6 December 2013

Interview with Sofia Polcanova after Swedish Open !

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Few days after Swedish Open, Thomas Garnier had the chance to talked with the U-21 Event Girl winner, Austrian Sofia Polcanova. We hope you will that very interesting interview with one the best U-21 girl in the World ! Don't forget, Sofia Polcanova supports TTImpossible to follow the latest Table Tennis news, why not you?

1. Congratulation for your victory in the U21 Event in the Sweden Open ! What a competition, you didn't lost any game before the final by winning two French players and Sarah de Nutte in semi-final. At that time, were you confident for the final?
Thank you very much! I think I played really good this
tournament. At the beginning I was a little bit tired because I played a lot of matches last month. But then I had time to rest because first 2 days I played just groups in Women's Single. After semi-final I felt that I was again in good form and that I can win the U21 title.

2. Against Britt Eerland, you won the first and the third set, but she came back two times. At 2-2, how did you felt the match? Were you stressed?
Actually I knew that I can win against her, I played her in October at the European Championships in team event and I won 3-1. First 4 sets I was stressed, I wanted to finish match faster and I made many easy mistakes.

3. And you won the two last games 11-6 and 11-5 ! What tactic did you use to overcome her?
After 2-2 I told myself to relax and just don't make easy mistakes, because I saw that she was just that stressed like me ! Then I tried to play not so strong but with more spin and to be more confident when she was attacking, it worked. And of course I won many points because of my service.

4. What do you think globaly of your results in Sweden? How were you, physically and mentally?
I'm glad with my results. I had a little "bad luck" in Women's Single because I had Chinese player Mu Zi in the group and I lost. But she is good player, even if she doesn't have World Ranking. But I was prepared mentally for this and then I was more concentrated for U21.

5. What rubbers and blade do you use?
I use blade Butterfly innerforce ZLF and rubbers also Butterfly Tenergy 80.

6. With your club, Linz AG Froschberg, you are in the best clubs in Europe (maybe the best!) and in Champions League, you are currently 1st of your qualification group, what are your goals in that competition?

Of course we want to win hahah, I mean we won last season, of course this season the Women's Champions League is much stronger, but I still think that we have good chanced to win again.

7. Who are you training with each week?

I'm practising in Linz with my team mates Iveta Vacenovska, Liu Jia, Petrissa Solja, Camelia Postoaca and Yuan Liu. Also we have boys, they play 1. Bundesliga in Austria, so I'm practising with them too.

8. What are your next goals in Table Tennis? Your world ranking? Your technic?

In next monts I want to reach top 100 in World Ranking. I'm now 124. In U21 after Swedish Open I qualified myself for Final World Tour in Dubai, so I want to play good there.

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