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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Interview with World Sandpaper Champion, Maxim Shmyrev !

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Let's begin a new year with a interview with the World Sandpaper Champion, Russian's Maxim Shmyrev. 
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1. Congratulation for your WCPP title ! This is the third time in a row you won the competition, what was your first feeling after your victory? is there a difference between your first victory in 2011 in Las Vegas, and now in London?
Hi Thomas, thanks a lot for your congrats. It is an amazing feeling after very difficult and at the same time comfortable work. During my TT-activity obviously I was always looking for a moments of the creativity and achievement of intellectual goals. 

Also that why I've lost too many matches during my TT-career where I was leading very much points. Now I still be concentrate on the creation, but at the same time I try to be focused on the point of victory. It is a nice feeling to plunge into the ping pong game and to lose all routine problems for that time.
The difference is huge, there were 3 years of new business, experience and added knowing. Not always only positive. I am still thinking to come back in TT, but my goal was always to achieve the top. 
I know it is impossible now because of age, business and health. 
But in ping pong I can play free without too much practicing and achieve my own goals. This is my fight with myself. And I am proud to beat lazy tired Maxim in me. From 2011 to 2014. I know a lot of talented TT-people who could be very good in ping pong. 
But I go my way and I don’t care about people who’s saying – this is not really TABLE TENNIS. I have played 33 years long Table Tennis as a profit and reached some titles in Russia and on the international scene. I was always correct and tactful. 

But suddenly only after my jump on the table in London 2013 the people in Russia and all over the world have started to discuss about ping pong. I've appeared in the newspapers and TV more than during my profit career.. Yes, this is a show and I am dreaming that thanks to our show on SKY-TV (great thanks to B.Hearn and Jeffrey Bogatin (USA)) our ping pong could give a new impuls for our great sport –TABLE TENNIS.

And the difference is: 2011 it was my first experience with ping pong. Suddenly I was better in ping pong than my opponents like M.Appelgren, M.Drinkhall, M.Madrid, S.Fett, M.Martinez and other famous invited TT-players. And now I still be champion between players who improve in ping pong, who knows how and prepairs for that. Anyway I am ready to come every year to London (or anywhere) to pick up 20.000 USD if nobody needs it. I need. Please inform me if You know the place where is possible to play ping pong, get it on TV and receive a few thousands $$...

2. How long have you been playing table tennis for? Who or What influenced you to start playing sandpaper?
I have started with 6.5 years in Moscow and finished with 39 also in Moscow. I have played 9 years in Bundesliga, 2 years in Japan with superstars like Persson, Samsonov, Saive, Korbel, Kreanga, Primorac, Matsushita, Oh Sang Eun, Chuang Chih Yuan, Joo Sae Hyuk and Co by SUPERCIRCUIT and 6 seasons in Russia by GAZPROM.
In august of 2010 I have received the invitation from WCPP in Las-Vegas to take a part on the first ping pong tournament as the invited player from Russiia. I’ve decided to participate though I ‘ve never practiced it before.

3.Could you explain to us what is the difference between Table Tennis and Ping Pong? The type of racket and the game/competition.
Ok, the main difference is the surface of the bat. Regular modern TT-rackets can give the rotation to the ball. And the sandspaper’s racket can give max. 1.5 % of the rotation of regular TT-racket. That means everybody can understand what happens in the ping-pong rallies. That’s means we use only shots and pushes in our PP-game. Very interesting that all players in PP must use the same bats that gives more chances to everybody to be on the same level with opponents. This year we played best of 3 till 15, without the balance at the end. And one interesting point of ping pong- during the match You can use one Double Point.

4. How did you train before the competition? What is a typical training for a sandpaper player?
Ok, I have not so much time for practice this year. My method of practice is co-operation between matches and many-balls exercises.

5. You work for Butterfly Germany. Is it difficult to be a professional player and to work for the leading brand worldwide?
It is truth, all my last professional years I've worked for company BUTTERFLY as a sportsdirector of Russia. It was a pleasure for me to work for best TT-brand with such a professional team. I've got a lot of fun to propose the professional contracts to best talented players, teams and coaches of Russia.

6. What are your next goals in Table Tennis & Ping Pong? How would you see our sport in few years? What are your predictions?
Thank you very much Maxime for this interview. We congratulate you again and wish you all the best in the future. :)

My personal goals in TT and PP are totally ordinary:
1)to stay fit and healthy. TT & PP could help to realize it.
2)I dream to open TT-school in Russia.
3)I would like to realize ping pong as a art of activity for childrens in schools and for usual people in Russia.
4)I would like to make in Russia one big charity TT+PP festival with world TT-stars, TV-media-stars, children, officials.
5)To make one TT&PP show on TV with super stars
My predictions: China still be N.1 in TT for next 5 years at least. I hope Mr.Sharara stops with the experiments in TT and will try to bring TT&PP on TV. It necessary to make any show from our sport to became interest of public. For the moment our sport is too conservative and oldfashion. I find this ITTF 2014 Star AWARDS of Table Tennis are a good idea.

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